domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

*..Last Ultimate Works For October.2010.

*Free Illustration from the Collection called "Fantasies".*Title: "Bite Me".

*Free illustration form the Collection called "Fantasies";*Title:"PLay With Me".

*Free illustration for the comic "O Bastard",based in my cocker spaniel,"Orpheas",and now,here dressed like a real Corleone.

*Illustration optional for the On Line Official Fanzine of Superman fans,called "Superman,Man of Steel".*Title:"The End Of The World".

*"Tribute to Poison Ivy":*Title."Let The Ivy Grow".

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

*Last Ultimate works of September 2010.

*..Orpheas,the cocker spaniel,again..but now,as a merman,in the middle of the sunset.

*A free illustration of Orpheas,my Coker,as a "Flower Fairy".

*Illustration belonguing to the Collection "The Heart Of The Seas".*Title:"You Belong To The Sea".

*"Rusalki"(*"Russian mermaid");Special order from a client.

*Image called "Flirt",that belongs to the collection "The Heart Of The Sea".

*A Dangerous kiss between "Catwoman"(Based in the Catwomand that played M. Pfeiffer in "Batman Returns" '92!!,and Wonderwoman,in the middle of the night,where there's not possible way out.

*This is my own version of the character Puck,the elf,from the theater-play called "A Midsummer Night's Dream",by W. Shakespear:Title:"Adult Puck".