sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

*Exhibition "MONDE BIZARRE",itinerant,By Kike Sorroche & Michelle Sánchez.

*...We will visit some places,and soon,we will publishe the calendar of the cities,with dates,around the whole Europe,that we will visit:*We hope to see you there too!!!!;)))PPP

viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

*..Latest Works:January 2011!!!.

*...Pages,Chapter nª 0,from the comic titled:"Night Thief".(*Title:"The Relic").

*Illustration of the character called "Lady Sucubus",for the comic "The Shadow of the Dark".

*..Illustration of the character called "Vampirya",for the comic "The Shadow of the Dark",.

*.."Free" illustration,based in the classic called "Notre Dame de Paris".*Title:"Le mot - ´Belle´-".

*Thirt image inspired in the character,& the biography of Ershèbeth Bathory "The Bloody Countess".Title:"Anima Nixta".

*Second illustration for Ershebeth Bathory,made with carbon & ink,inspired in the biography of this legendary woman.title:"In Saguine"

*..Illustration of Ershebeth Bathory,included in the Itinerant Art Exhibit "Goddesses & Monsters",as unique example, in ink, of illustration to show there.

*Illustration in ink and crayon of baba Yaga,one the most important & knowed characters,of "The Ancient Russian Folklore".

*Special "Lesbic" Design For the Christmas,of 2010.

*"X-Mas" Logo,for the collective of artists homosexual,called "Art Gai".