domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

"*The Definatelly Horror Teddie´s Collection";))))

*This year,one of the new projects I´ve started,it´s a new fashion line of T-Shirts,for guys & girls,in collaboration,with a spanish businness,that will rint,& distribute them:
The Horror Teddie Collection;A Limited series of Teddy Bears,that imitate all the "bad" ones,of the Horror movies,of now,and always;+On from the incredible famous Frankenstein of Karloff,goingg by the ctarring of the Stanley Kubrick´s "The Shinning",the famous Draculathat played the ctor Gary Oldman,in the Coppola´s 90´s cinema version,or even the latest Great Success in "Horror Movies" actually:*"SAW".

miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

*"..Last Works For November 2010"

*"Fan-Art" Illustration,of the character "HellBoy"!!!!;*...My "Femenine version":*..."HellGirl".

*Free Illustration of the character "Leelo",from the movie named "The 5th. Element",made specially for an order.

*.."Free illustration" created for an exhibit of illustration in gay comic,as a colaboration.

*"Free Illustration",created as a design for a shirt;*...Title:"Wild Mermaid Tattoo".

*Sketch-Illustration,realized for the videoclip "Orion",in animation.*Title:"Orion".

*Sketch-Illustration,made for the videoclip titled "Orion",of the character "Artemis".

*...Here you have, some of the last illustrations,I did this last November.*I hope you´ll all like it!!!!;)

martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

"Infoxips" -Comic Strips-.

*..Since few months ago,I´ve started to collabore as a comic drawer,every two weeks,in the video-games & comic page,called "Infoxips",together with the drawer Miguel Angel González,(one week he draws,other I do it!!!!);*and this are some of the comic strips,that I use to include in this website).

viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

"Superman:The Man of Steel Fanzine".

*..Since few months ago,I´m colaboring,with many other drawers in the on-line magazine,for fans of Supermana,called "Superman:Man of Steel".Here some pages of it.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

*..Comic Pages.

*Pages 1 & 2,belonguing to the comic "Libertario",by Jose A. Torres.

*Page belonguing to the short-story called "Coastaway".

*Comic Pages fpor a presentation of a shot story for an spanish editorial.(^project accepted).

*Here some comic pages i did for some projects,in different styles,and with different Graphism,it deppends the style of the order they ask me.

Just Ink.

*...Some samples of works,Scketches,and free images,made just in ink.

*Illustration,in "free Style",based in "Conan,The Barbarian" Stories.*Title:"Conan,El Señor del Páramo".

*Illustration released in "free Style",called "The Cave of The Druid".

*Drawing in "Free Style",titled "The Last Ultimate Goodbye".

*Drawind in "free Style",called "Conan & The Slave".

*Illustration based in the character of the "Super-Hero" "Aquaman",called "Sword of Atlantis".

*"Batman" with his Special Battle -Iron Armor.

*"The Draconian Knoght":(*..Illustration based in the character of Tanis,the semi-elf,from the "Dragonlace" Novels).


*Scketch of the character called "Roogen",for the Graphic novel called "Eberya".