miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Just Ink.

*...Some samples of works,Scketches,and free images,made just in ink.

*Illustration,in "free Style",based in "Conan,The Barbarian" Stories.*Title:"Conan,El Señor del Páramo".

*Illustration released in "free Style",called "The Cave of The Druid".

*Drawing in "Free Style",titled "The Last Ultimate Goodbye".

*Drawind in "free Style",called "Conan & The Slave".

*Illustration based in the character of the "Super-Hero" "Aquaman",called "Sword of Atlantis".

*"Batman" with his Special Battle -Iron Armor.

*"The Draconian Knoght":(*..Illustration based in the character of Tanis,the semi-elf,from the "Dragonlace" Novels).


*Scketch of the character called "Roogen",for the Graphic novel called "Eberya".

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