lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

...To where do they fly...the Blue Angels?.

Almost 3 years ago,died in very hard circumstances Alvaro,one of my most dearest friends from my past,from Lleida:I´ve met him,when I was just a young 20 year-old-girl,with too many "birds flying around my head",and without much conciensce about what it was life,in reality.He was tall,dark hair,muscle,with a impulsive profile,and a very deep dark eyes.He was also,long time boyfriend,of one of my best friends from Barcelona,Silvia(O.M).He was a very young and handsome,and direct man. When I stopped my party life,in Barcelona,I´ve stopped at same time,to have contact to many people,that I´ve met there;And of course,with Alvaro too. It was not until the end of summer 2008,when I´ve got in contact again with him;And I´ve found out,what it was,about all those years,without not knowing,neither earing,any word about him.He finally married,and had a lil´girl,as a child,ge got a work and an stable life,but life sometimes,changes.and human life,it´s a very fragile and unestable,and he left us one day,leaving only a note,and without any chance to say,or explain us at least "why".
This is something for him...that it maybe can not be quite much;Appart from my usual artwork,for the month,I´ve wanted to dedicate,this short space,to him:
I´ve decided to draw him,at the end,as a "Blue Angel",surrounded by the blue lectric flashes and lighnings,that in life,use to surround him,as I remember him,in our memories of discoteque:...This illustration,it took m almos 2 years,and a half,(The same time I´ve knew what happened to him,I´ve decided to start it!!!);and even if it´s just a simple illustration,with no much movement,I recognize,it was a very hard work to do,to me,because it were many memories in it,and I couldn´t go on,with the illustration.Today,finally,I´ve ended it,and I´m proud to can hung it here;)

("Fly Away..Blue angel...And that this colours,and this same strenght,takes to some place,where you can be really happy again,we will carry you,inside our hearts...).

miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012


Here we have the latest products I´ve customized,for this season:Some of them,by order,some others,as a simple sample,of the kind of work I use to do,in merchandising personal orders.

Here we have some of the last artwork/samples:

"Rappacinni´s Dauther".

"A Electro Light Feeling".

"A Tin Man´s Heart".



"Excalibur - Lancelot" (For surf).

"Afraid of The Moonlight?".

"Egyptian Messy Tribal".

"Metal Skull Soldier".

"G- ary Dark Dimension" (Complete pack: Longboard, trucks, wheels, T- Shirt & Helmet customized).

"Templer Revenge".(With Wheels & Trucks Customized).

"Medussa´s Stoned Curse".

"The Eternal Spartan".

"Old Heavy Metal School".

"Bride Color Splash".

"Zombie´s Revenge". (Wakeboard Design)

"Cthulhu,The Sailor". (Wakeboard Design;A parody of "Popeye,The Sailor").

"Skelvis Rock Delerium"(Customized Nike).

"Sea Monsters Nightmare"(Customized Nike).

"Dream of china".

"Electric Eye Kennel (sneaker)".

"Zombie Nurse".



"The Helmet".

"Unexpected Lovecraft".(For guy & girl).

"Cthulhu:The Sailor".

"Fear the Unknowed".

"Skelvis Rock Delerium".(For T-Shirt).

"Vintage Revenge (Metal Unicorn)"; Design released for "Xylan Longboards".
"Zombie Xylan Riders"; Design released for "Xylan Longboards".
"Austin Cyber Brake"; (Design released for the skate freestyler Austin Sheldon, from "Xylan Longboards").
"The Melting Soul"; (Design released for "Xylan Longboards").
"Metallic Griffin"; (Design released for the "Longboarding Lady Dudes).
"Killer Candy"; (Design released for the "Longboarding Lady Dudes).

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


"Sandman & Matthew" ("Fan Art").

"The Return".

"Vendetta Bianca".

Anna R. in a special order:(Special Flyer designed for her,tho she was wishing to be in a "Pacha Disco Flyer":)


"Stormborn (Sleeping With Dragons)".

"Old Heavy Metal School". (Design poster & T-Shirt).

"The Kraken (Complete)".

"Lovecraft´s Fantasy".


"Unexpected Lovecratf".


"Zombie Nurse".