lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

...To where do they fly...the Blue Angels?.

Almost 3 years ago,died in very hard circumstances Alvaro,one of my most dearest friends from my past,from Lleida:I´ve met him,when I was just a young 20 year-old-girl,with too many "birds flying around my head",and without much conciensce about what it was life,in reality.He was tall,dark hair,muscle,with a impulsive profile,and a very deep dark eyes.He was also,long time boyfriend,of one of my best friends from Barcelona,Silvia(O.M).He was a very young and handsome,and direct man. When I stopped my party life,in Barcelona,I´ve stopped at same time,to have contact to many people,that I´ve met there;And of course,with Alvaro too. It was not until the end of summer 2008,when I´ve got in contact again with him;And I´ve found out,what it was,about all those years,without not knowing,neither earing,any word about him.He finally married,and had a lil´girl,as a child,ge got a work and an stable life,but life sometimes,changes.and human life,it´s a very fragile and unestable,and he left us one day,leaving only a note,and without any chance to say,or explain us at least "why".
This is something for him...that it maybe can not be quite much;Appart from my usual artwork,for the month,I´ve wanted to dedicate,this short space,to him:
I´ve decided to draw him,at the end,as a "Blue Angel",surrounded by the blue lectric flashes and lighnings,that in life,use to surround him,as I remember him,in our memories of discoteque:...This illustration,it took m almos 2 years,and a half,(The same time I´ve knew what happened to him,I´ve decided to start it!!!);and even if it´s just a simple illustration,with no much movement,I recognize,it was a very hard work to do,to me,because it were many memories in it,and I couldn´t go on,with the illustration.Today,finally,I´ve ended it,and I´m proud to can hung it here;)

("Fly Away..Blue angel...And that this colours,and this same strenght,takes to some place,where you can be really happy again,we will carry you,inside our hearts...).

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Estará orgullo del regalo, vea desde donde lo vea...
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