miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

*"..Last Works For November 2010"

*"Fan-Art" Illustration,of the character "HellBoy"!!!!;*...My "Femenine version":*..."HellGirl".

*Free Illustration of the character "Leelo",from the movie named "The 5th. Element",made specially for an order.

*.."Free illustration" created for an exhibit of illustration in gay comic,as a colaboration.

*"Free Illustration",created as a design for a shirt;*...Title:"Wild Mermaid Tattoo".

*Sketch-Illustration,realized for the videoclip "Orion",in animation.*Title:"Orion".

*Sketch-Illustration,made for the videoclip titled "Orion",of the character "Artemis".

*...Here you have, some of the last illustrations,I did this last November.*I hope you´ll all like it!!!!;)

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