domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

"*The Definatelly Horror Teddie´s Collection";))))

*This year,one of the new projects I´ve started,it´s a new fashion line of T-Shirts,for guys & girls,in collaboration,with a spanish businness,that will rint,& distribute them:
The Horror Teddie Collection;A Limited series of Teddy Bears,that imitate all the "bad" ones,of the Horror movies,of now,and always;+On from the incredible famous Frankenstein of Karloff,goingg by the ctarring of the Stanley Kubrick´s "The Shinning",the famous Draculathat played the ctor Gary Oldman,in the Coppola´s 90´s cinema version,or even the latest Great Success in "Horror Movies" actually:*"SAW".

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