viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

*...Artwork -JULY 2011

*..Illustration called "The colour of Dream"

*"Scotish Casttle"

*"Cthulhu And Hellboy".

*..Illustration of Daenerys Targaryen II.,just in ink"

*"Daenerys Targaryen.I."

*"Hellboy,et Le Petite Baba Yaga",

*...Illustration of Baba Yaga,the legendary Russian Witch,and her Noir cat.

*..Illustration for the project "The Shadow of The Dark".*Titled:"Vampirya & The Dark Relics".

*..Illustration in "free-Style",*Titled:"¿Do You Wanna Play With Me?",.

*..Drawing "free style",specially made;*..Title:"Who will catch who?".

*..Self-portrait -*"Chtulhu-Pin Up" version!!!!.

*..Illustration of Kike Sorroche,the illustrator,in "Cthulhu-Leather" version.

*..Ilustration in ink & digital,inspired in *"Mike Mignola´s Hellboy",and based specially,in the story "The Gohst Player From Prague".Called:"Gohsts From Prague".

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