martes, 10 de enero de 2012

January --ARTWORK--- 2012

"Catelynn" ---(Lady Stark from "Game of Thrones")---

"The Indian" ("Colour").

"Mystique" ("Queen of Clovers").

"The White Queen" ("Queen of Diamonds").

"The Goblin Queen" ("Queen of Spades").


"Red Sonja" (Ink + Digital With Logo.)

"The Taste of Victory".(An illustration from "The Shadow of The Dark" Project)

"Hunting Cerberus" (Illustration "Scketch" in different types of ink:Black,Red,Blue,Grey,& Brown).

"Those Bloody Days - Red Sonja" (Scketch ink Black-Red-Grey).

"Adult Conan & The Forbidden Throne".

"Nevana & The Throne of Sawdust".

"Nevana Oolongheim" ("In Grey Tones").

"Red Sonja & The Water Dragon" ("Dark Ligths").

"Red Sonja & The Water Dragon".

"Valerya, Mistress of Valyria".

"Spiderman´s Blue Day" (Blue Tone´s Scketch).

"Time to go to bed,Spidey!!!!" --A Spiderman Fan-Art--.



"Roberto L".

Gary Conrad for "The Blue Tatoo".



"Mr. Coqueto" (A Roger Heardgrave ´s Parody).

"Little Miss Chemy". (A Roger Heardgrave ´s Parody).

"Little Miss Brave" (A Roger Heardgrave ´s Parody).

"Little Miss Writer" (A Roger Heardgrave ´s Parody).

"Little Miss Sporty" (A Roger Heardgrave ´s Parody).

"Draco Malfoy".

"Severus Snape".

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