jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

"The Spiritual T-Shirts".

My last T-shirt designs dedicated to the "spiritual side",that everyone has...

Get your own spiritual T-shirt here,at my on-line shop.

"The Buddha´s Sight" (For Girl).

"The Buddha´s Sight" (For Girl - Mao neck).

"The Buddha´s Sight" (For Guy).

"Eat,Love & Pray" (For Girl).

"Eat,Love & Pray" (For Guy).

"Imperium of Senses".

"Dharma Rules" (For Girls).

"Dharma Rules" (For Guy).

"Age of Balance" (Without lenght).

"Age of Balance (For Girls).

"General Conciensce".

"Age of Balance".(For Guy).

"The Power of Healing"

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