domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010


*Free illustration.Title:"Babies Complain".

*Drawing of Orpehas in "Mermaid Version",and the girl he always love to be with,Doxa!!:))))

*Orpheas in "EL Greco - Orpheas".

*Here we are..This is Orpheas,my fat - naugthy Coker...& One of my "new" comic characters too!!!!:*He likes to eat,to mess,sleeeeeeeeepppp very long,and long walks,on it own,mostly with his fried Bobby!!!!.(But there´s a "secret" behind,all of this!!!!;*..He´s terribly in Love,with his owner!!!!;(*...You´ll Be able to see,all his "homy adventures",in the blog called :"O´Bastard (Orpheaki)":*..Comming Soon!!!!;)

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