martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


*This month,the creator Ana Cerviño,from Galicia(Spain),gave us,to the illustrator & intimate friend Kike Sorroche & me,the privilege to be part of the second number,of her digital publication,called "The Dream-maker"("El Creador de Sueños"),where audio-visuals-videos,illustration,poetry,and text,get the right place,to be unified and create something..*"something" else more,than the typical on-line art magazine,of what we are used to see sometimes... *Here,it´s a pleasure to me,to present the two videos,that Ana realized,with some of the artwork of the intense Kike Sorroche,and mines too... (*I hope you enjoy it!!!!...*...Muchas Grácias,Ana,Mi Pequeña Geisha!!!!). *..Video of Kike Sorroche Artwork,for "The Dream-Maker Project"!!!!:
*..Video of Michelle Sánchez Artwork,for "The Dream-Maker Project"!!!!!:

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