sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

*Works of March -2011-.

*..New illustration of the character Sucubus,title:"The True storm starts now".

*..New Illustration of "Vampirya" & "Sucubus",in a some kind of "erotic version".*Title:"Vamps never sleep alone".

*..My "New" illustration for the projectcalled "The Shadow of The Dark",with two of the main characters;*Vampirya" & "Lady Sucubus".*Title:"Away From All";)))

*..And my "Harley Quinn" version:*Title."Harley Splaterism Colour".

*A erotic-illustration,version of Catwoman(*in blonde!!),& "Poison Ivy",baesd,in the Batman comic´s characters.*Title:"Midnight Date in the Garden of Good & Bad".

*..Special image released for a private order.The client herself,as Disney´s Snow White,in some kind of "erotic version",but presented in a very "light" way.

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