martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011


*My own version form "The Birth of Venus" By Botticcelli,in "Cartoon-gay";"Yeux Du Chat By Bizarrelli".

"The Highlander".*"cartoon"-Model. Guillermo Martin V.

"Graffitti-Girl",for the erotic collection named "Rubber",by "Monde Bizarre Atelier".

"Boceto para el comic "No Men´s Land" ("Hybrida & Jack").

*Since few Days ago,that I´ve wanted to do this!!!!;*I´ve wanted to critisize the ususal & common stereotypes of the "Lesbian World";Because,in the actual tv serials,usually,they sell you a kind of female prototype,that doesn´t correspond at all,with reality.

So,here is my own version,somehow "tricky",about it.

"Bizarre Babies".

"Slave-Warrior"(Para Kike Sorroche:Icono,e ilustrador).

"Blue Light" for my "Tron Legacy" Cartoon versions.

"Kevin Flynn",from the "Tron" Last motion picture.

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Anónimo dijo...

Buenísima la versión de "the "B" word", jajajaja. Es fantástica Michelle, mira que me he reido al ver el dibujo.

Y los tres bebés son monísimos, tu seguro que eres la bebé rubita, me encanta.

Un beso.

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