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Here we have the latest products I´ve customized,for this season:Some of them,by order,some others,as a simple sample,of the kind of work I use to do,in merchandising personal orders.

Here we have some of the last artwork/samples:

"Rappacinni´s Dauther".

"A Electro Light Feeling".

"A Tin Man´s Heart".



"Excalibur - Lancelot" (For surf).

"Afraid of The Moonlight?".

"Egyptian Messy Tribal".

"Metal Skull Soldier".

"G- ary Dark Dimension" (Complete pack: Longboard, trucks, wheels, T- Shirt & Helmet customized).

"Templer Revenge".(With Wheels & Trucks Customized).

"Medussa´s Stoned Curse".

"The Eternal Spartan".

"Old Heavy Metal School".

"Bride Color Splash".

"Zombie´s Revenge". (Wakeboard Design)

"Cthulhu,The Sailor". (Wakeboard Design;A parody of "Popeye,The Sailor").

"Skelvis Rock Delerium"(Customized Nike).

"Sea Monsters Nightmare"(Customized Nike).

"Dream of china".

"Electric Eye Kennel (sneaker)".

"Zombie Nurse".



"The Helmet".

"Unexpected Lovecraft".(For guy & girl).

"Cthulhu:The Sailor".

"Fear the Unknowed".

"Skelvis Rock Delerium".(For T-Shirt).

"Vintage Revenge (Metal Unicorn)"; Design released for "Xylan Longboards".
"Zombie Xylan Riders"; Design released for "Xylan Longboards".
"Austin Cyber Brake"; (Design released for the skate freestyler Austin Sheldon, from "Xylan Longboards").
"The Melting Soul"; (Design released for "Xylan Longboards").
"Metallic Griffin"; (Design released for the "Longboarding Lady Dudes).
"Killer Candy"; (Design released for the "Longboarding Lady Dudes).

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